Security Director, Ukraine

Location: Ukraine
Job description: General Areas of Responsibility:
1. To liaise and engage with senior market and regional management on Corporate Security and AIT issues.
2. To manage day to day a subordinate manager, ensuring continued professional development and maintaining a high standard in terms of integrity and achievement.
3. To maintain costs of security and AIT relating services at maximum optimal level where applicable, comply with *Client* Policies & Procedure in Purchase Request process and perform J-SOX controls as specified in the J-SOX Global Reference Model.
4. To maintain and develop relationships with external stakeholders in a manner consistent with all legal requirements, *Client*’s Code of Conduct, and AIT Operations’ operating procedures.
5. To prepare detailed reports on Corporate Security, as well as illegal tobacco and the groups involved in illegal tobacco.
6. To update management on the progress and objectives of investigations and present these reports (in both written and oral format) to internal and external audiences (when appropriate).
7. Corporate Securitys role is of a preventative and pro-active nature rather than essentially reactive. When required, reactive measures must be carried out in a timely and effective manner

Corporate Security Role:
1. To ensure the delivery of security to provide protection to people, assets and operations, and to enable business and enhance governance and reputation
2. To perform relevant investigations (property loss, thefts, criminal activities, etc.), improvement recommendations and follow-up.
3. To coordinate and supervise audits of JSOX and non-JSOX facilities to make sure they are in line with *Client* security standards.
4. To develop and circulate required recommendations on security and safety improvement. To monitor the performance of security units installed in the company. Recommend installation of latest systems or possible upgrade of existing ones.
5. To supervise outsourced security guard force.
6. To establish new and, where applicable, maintain old relations with national and international law enforcement, intelligence and security, and military agencies, and certain Embassies for the purposes of information and risk assessment, and to carry out internal and external investigations.
7. To ensure readiness (to include planning and training) and to coordinate emergency response capability and to take a key coordinating role in the *Client* Ukraine Risk Management Committee.
8. To ensure security awareness, to include the dissemination
9. To regularly update local security instructions in conformity with global security policy and complimentary to established financial controls.
10. In times of emergency being able immediately to adopt a matrix  approach to communicating and receiving information (matrix may cover, depending on circumstances, other markets, CIS and other regions and Head Office in Geneva)

Anti-Illicit Trade Role:
1. To actively protect *Clients*s brands from illegal trade of tobacco (Anti-Illicit Trade or AIT) through leading all local AIT efforts by building and directing investigations and enforcement programs.
2. To manage and develop service providers who undertake investigations and gather information on the illegal trade of tobacco,
3. To liaise with law enforcement officials on investigations, and work with *Clients*’s local and regional management on AIT issues.
4. To support the Diversion and Seizure Investigations team (“DSI”) and the regional AIT Operations team (“AITO”).
5. From time to time, organize AIT training for local customs and other law enforcement officials. When necessary, recruit and manage AIT service providers.
6. To undertake investigations and gather information on the local, regional and international illegal trade of tobacco.
7. To ensure service providers produce actionable information to investigate smuggling groups.
Candidate profile: Education: Baccalaureate degree or equivalent. Qualifications: Certification in security mgmt. or similar. University degree in business, economics, or related fields would be preferred.

Work experience: 10 years in directing operations of security practices and regulations in public or private sector organizations. Previous commercial experience is highly desirable. Applicants from the public sector must show an ability to transition quickly to a business environment. Experience in investigative/law enforcement operations/management is a plus.

Languages & Computer skills: Fluent Ukrainian, Russian, fluent or advanced English (both oral and written), Computer literate.

Aliexpress INT

Attitude and Approach: A can do  will do attitude, covering strategic to hands on tactical challenges, is critical throughout.

Reports to: General Manager with functional reporting to Regional Corporate Security and Anti-Illicit Trade Operations.


How To Apply:

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