Maritime Security Operator , West Africa

Location West Africa

Full / Part Time Full Time – Back-to-Back (6 weeks on / 6 weeks off)

The Maritime Security Operator is to be part of a team whose role is to mitigate foreseeable risk with the aim of providing security to an off shore instillation in West Africa. It is a position which requires the highest standards of maritime security professionalism and is an integral part of a small armed security team.

Job Requirement

Key Responsibilities

Maintenance of maritime security within a specific water-space working within assigned Rules of Engagement and under the control of a senior management structure.

Daily security management of the operation, installation and surrounding area through both static posturing and maritime patrolling.

Provide 24hr security cover for the operation using a fleet of patrol craft and working in shift rotations as required.

Board and search of vessels prior to entry within allocated water-space.


To provide a high-visibility mobile armed presence for the protection of off-shore assets.

Daily maritime patrolling including; offensive, defensive, interdiction, deterrent, escorting and stop and search operations.

Security quality assurance through Standard Operation Procedures (SOP).

Role Rquirements:

Languages: English – fluent, essential  /   French – desirable

Knowledge and Expertise

Weapon handling and skill at arms experience on a variety of weapon systems; small arms, MMG, HMG.

Aliexpress INT

Proven experience as an off shore security operator and the ability to work in small teams on a variety of patrol craft.

Proven knowledge of tactical maritime security including stop and search operations.

Working knowledge of a variety of communications devices; HF, VHF, Sat-phone.

Qualifications and Experience

Minimum 4 years military experience, preferably maritime.

Armed maritime security experience.

Training in the appropriate and legal use of force.

Certification to include:

Criminal Records Check
Yellow fever certificate
VHF radio operator certificate
Small arms weapon-handling certificate

Desirable Experience Commercial armed maritime operations.

Search training.

First aid and preferably trauma training.

Ability to teach/mentor other crew members in relevant skills and techniques.

Previous experience of working and living in Africa.

How To Apply:

Submit your CV and covering letter please contact

Email available to paid up Members ONLY

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