Site Security Manager

  • Full Time
  • Iraq

Company Details

We now invite applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates to apply for this role on an Olive Group project in Basra, Southern Iraq – would ideally suit those with Eastern European Background with no notice to serve / available to deploy immediately upon receipt of visa.

MONTHLY RATE: Contractor will be reimbursed a competitive day rate to be communicated on offer email.

ROTATION: rotation to be confirmed at point of hire/when allocated to specific project however candidates need to be flexible and will be driven by operational requirement, all subject to operational necessity.

OLIVE GROUP will provide the Contractor with accommodation, food and insurances whilst you are deployed.


The Site Security Manager has responsibility for the security of all client personnel and operations in their designated site. They will lead, administer, command, coordinate, prepare and train a team of static security guards in order to achieve this objective.


Minimum of 5 years’ service in a regular army, reaching a minimum rank of senior non-commissioned officer and with at least 2 years in that position; and.
Minimum 1 year in the private security sector (Desirable), or other commercial sector (such as health & safety, or oil & gas) with similar characteristics and challenges; or
Satisfactory completion of a recognised leadership course
Satisfactory completion of a criminal record check within the recent 12 months
Previous operational experience relevant to the region
Previous operational experience in a high threat environment
Previous operational experience in the client’s sector (e.g. Oil & Gas) is preferred.


Completion of a Medical (self) Declaration and Medical Examination is required, which must show current or pre-existing conditions that might cause personal accident insurers to refuse cover or reject claims under the Personal Accident or Emergency Repatriation policies.

Service with Olive Group involves demanding work in high temperatures and remote locations and will include wearing of Personal Protection Equipment and some heavy lifting, which may include the lifting and carriage of an injured colleague. Running and rapid physical motion may be required for personal safety. Personnel will be required to use a weapon, and to hear and respond to verbal instructions and at times may be exposed to loud noises. Equipment typically carried all day every day amounts to approximately 16kg.

Please note: any Information provided shall be used by OLIVE GROUP to evaluate your qualifications for engaging as a contractor.

Presentation of falsified credentials or false statements can lead to termination of any engagement (or future engagement) with the company.

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